The Ancient Ki Art of JuJutsu comes to Ibiza for 2016

We are very happy to announce our Class Schedule (including kids classes and womens self defence), Retreat & holiday packages and Personal JuJutsu defence coaching packages are confirmed for 2016.

Our class is the perfect way of bringing fitness with meditation and body & mind together, taught in a traditional manner.

The ancient Japanese art of JuJutsu, focuses on Ki energy, meditation and empowerment through defensive movement. We promote an ego free welcoming approach to traditional martial arts, for everyone from 16 – 60 and of all experience & fitness levels.

The teaching blends techniques, philosophy and meditation. This demonstrates how the human body has power outside of physical strength, using our Ki energy.

Our Ki Energy workshop is on Wednesdays from 14:00 to 15:30, at the beautiful OpenSpace Ibiza, so do come along and experience the rare opportunity of practicing this ancient art.

Prices are €10 for each lesson.

Location details can be found on our website here;

Please message us at, or through Facebook with any questions, or to let us know you’re coming along.

Best wishes and we hope to see you in 2016 for our empowering energy classes, at an Ibizan retreate or maybe as a special private lesson.

Pic below : Renshi Mark welcoming a new student at the beautiful OpenSpace Ibiza.

welcome new studentIbiza Jujutsu logo2

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